The Artist

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 I had an almost 40 year career as a Manufacturing Manager in different facilities throughout Canada. I was responsible for making a wide variety of high and low tech products. My specialty was going into a company and improving the output and success of the manufacturing processes.

I’m a very self-taught person and that applies to my Art as well. I dabble in several mediums, Scratchboard, Colored Pencil, Pyrography and Watercolor painting.

 I'm always looking to learn new tricks and techniques so who knows what the future holds…?

All of my artwork is copyright protected. It may not be copied, reproduced, used as a pattern, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the artist.

Scratchboard Art

I seen a Scratchboard done of one of my dogs by an artist friend and I was fascinated. I had to give this NEW art technique a spin! Actually this technique has been around for hundreds of years and is only now starting to explode on the art scene in more numbers. The crazy part is that Scratchboard is like drawing, but in “reverse” mode. Instead of adding  black lead to white paper, you have to scratch off black ink from a board to expose white. This means thinking in reverse and looking for the highlights/lighting in a photo you may be using to create an artwork. Scratchboard is the ultimate in detail. You literally have to scratch every hair on an animal for example and use different scratch techniques to show the tonal differences on the scratchboard. Some large pieces can take 100’s of hours to complete, it is truly an intense art form. The great thing is that the special Kaolin clay that is the white part of a scratchboard will absorb color, so I can use my special Ampersand inks, or I can also use Watercolor paints to add color to a piece of scratchboard art. So, I get the best of both worlds!!

Colored Pencil Art

Like some of my other Mediums, I’ve had an interest in Colored Pencil Art for awhile. Finally got around to starting my journey! I’m currently using Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Prismacolor Verithin Pencils, Derwent Watercolor Pencils and I may add some oil based pencils down the road. I also plan to do some mixed media art by combining Colored Pencil with some of my Pyrography work.

Pyrography Art

Another Art form that I have worked on in past years is Pyrography, or Wood Burning. This of course, is the opposite to Scratchboard in that I have to burn on the dark details to create a picture and using different techniques I can change the tonal variations on the pieces to give them depth much like pencil darkness on a drawing. My exposure to this Art came at a very young age when I received a Wood burning kit for Christmas when I was a teen.
I’ve dabbled in this Art over the years and now getting back into it to make it part of my Artist repertoire!

Watercolor Art

I had always wanted to learn how to paint. After reading many books and searching the Internet, I decided that I would take on Watercolor as my painting medium. I read that Watercolor is one of the more difficult types of painting to master  because the paint and water has a mind of its own – LOL  I mean, what can go wrong when you push water around on an absorbent piece of paper using a brush loaded with paint pigment?
I learned how to paint by following books and from the many dear friends I’ve made around the world that will fall over themselves to help you in your times of need. I could never thank them enough and they know who they are! Along the way I have also added some Permanent Ink to some of my paintings as part of the picture as I play and learn new techniques.

Typical Tools Used

  1. Pyrography Pens
  2. Scratchboard Tools
  3. Colored Pencils