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I Work in Several Mediums

Colored Pencil
I'm currently using Prismacolor Premier, Prisma Verithin, and Derwent Watercolor Pencils. Pencils allow for rich, deep and luminescent color. Finished drawings can be so smooth and pigmented that they resemble paintings.
Pyrography, or Wood Burning is the burning on of the dark details to create a picture. Different techniques allow for tonal variations giving them great depth. I'm currently burning on paper, but also on wood.
Watercolor Painting
Scratchboard is like drawing, but in “reverse”. Instead of black lead to white paper, black ink is scratched off a board to expose white giving ultimate detail.
I started in this medium and continue to find new expressive ways to create Watercolor Artwork. Currently I'm using Watercolor paints on canvas as a new form of this Art.